What is the CRCL about

Bottom line: We want to work hard and use what we have to help.


We strive to provide inspired goods and services which are shadowed by the pursuit of excellence and saturated in spirit of servitude.

 McClain & CRCL is nothing fancy.  Just a guy (LS McClain) that wanted to do something more. More with what he had, what he could have, who he could help, and how much he could help. This can't be done alone. It takes a village. Thats where the CRCL (circle) comes in. A small circle of friends, family, and partners that work together to uplift and inspire through action. Together we work to give more, inspire more...IMPACT MORE. No matter the outlet, a greater purpose is in mind. If its our apparel, our events, our strenghth and condtioning programing/advising, or our speaking engagements, we want wo do more for as many people as possible.  .