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  • PINK Geno ladies cut S - $8.00
  • PINK Geno ladies cut 2XL - $8.00
  • Geno Navy unisex MED - $8.00
  • Geno Navy unisex XL - $8.00
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Made with hi-count premium ringspun cotton

Geno has been the voice of Powerlifting, or should I say Golden Voice of Powerlifting, for more than 20 years and counting. His accomplishments and experience speaks for itself, and isn’t the only thing that makes him such a big part of The Crcl. He is so well known through the powerlifting community that he has his own #hashtag! #genopowerlifting brings up dozens and dozens of pictures of athletes and the Big Man himself explaining why each person has their own reason for loving him. Descriptions such as Legendary, Pirate, Rock N’ Roll, One and Only, Exciting, and Entertainer are used to try and explain this man. While the list goes on and on, he means something so special and specific to me. His voice is the last thing I hear before I touch the bar. Regardless of how heavy the weight is or how the meet is going, his voice brings me out to my passion. The smile immediately comes across my face and it’s go time.